Why Chiropractic?

Being a parent is like running a marathon…every…single…day. There is no question it is stressful…emotionally, physically and even biochemically. Stress leads to a cascade of events in the body all of which are mediated by the nervous system. When the nervous system is out of balance and/or running on empty it affects our ability to be healthy and our state of well-being directly impacts how we parent our children.

The Chiropractic adjustment improves the body’s ability to adapt to stress. By unwinding tension patterns built up over time and restoring equilibrium in the nervous system the Chiropractic adjustment frees the body to work the way that it was designed to.

Is Stress Affecting My Health?

For some pain is the warning sign that stress is affecting the body and something needs to change…for others the warning signs are much subtler. For all of us stress created by how we live our lives has a detrimental effect on our health and it is important to tune in.

It’s best not to guess. If you want to know if stress is affecting your spine and nervous system and thus your overall health and well-being come and find out!

How Will My Life Improve?

Chiropractic adjustments of the spine and Nervous System along with good self care can lead to so many great things.  Here are a few of the most common I see:

heart-blueLess pain

heart-blueImproved immunity

heart-blueBetter sleep

heart-blueImproved performance

heart-blueEnhanced digestion/elimination

heart-blueBetter relationships

heart-blueMore feelings of relaxation

heart-blueLess irritability

heart-blueLess anxiety/depression

heart-blueMore energy

Why Me?

My approach to Chiropractic and Healing is:


heart-pinkSafe + Effective





Will it hurt? I’m afraid of getting cracked.

My practice is quite different from the typical Chiropractic practice not only in focus but in technique as well. I take a wellness approach to Chiropractic. What that means is my focus in on the cause of your problem and not the effects. While your symptoms (the effects) are important to me they are simply information that your body is giving you that something needs to change in your life. My technique is called Torque Release Technique and it is considered a “low force” technique. This means that it is very safe and very gentle making it an excellent technique for everyone and in particular for kids whom I specialize in working with. There is no cracking (or gas release from joints which is what causes cracking) and it does not hurt. It is not uncommon for there to be some discomfort during the healing process as the body unwinds tension patterns that have built up over a lifetime however, the adjustment itself does not hurt and it does not pose any risk.

How will I feel when I get adjusted?

The most common feeling my patients report to me is a feeling of deep relaxation. Many of my parent patients have to literally pull themselves off the table as their preference would be to remain in this deep state of relaxation which is uncommon in our busy everyday lives. During the adjustment for the body aware you will notice sensations in your body including, but not limited to deep breathing, shaking, twinges, warmth, tingling, twitching, emotion, laughing, crying there is no limit to what you might experience. For those less aware it may not feel like much is happening. My goal with all of my patients is to help reconnect them to their bodies and as this happens the effects of the adjustment become more pronounced.

I heard once you start seeing a Chiropractor you will have to go for the rest of your life. Is that true?

Lifetime Chiropractic care is a choice not a mandate and in my practice you are in the driver seat. While I believe that a properly functioning nervous system is the key to extraordinary health and well-being and that stress affects the health of our spine and nervous system I do not “force” anyone into making decisions that do not resonate with them. What I do ask is that my patients are clear on what their goals are for their health and well-being and for their Chiropractic care and based on those goals we create a schedule of care that works best for the results that you are trying to achieve whether that looks like lifetime Chiropractic care or not is up to you.

My benefits only cover X number of dollars.

Extended health benefits offer some initial support to the healing process however, for most people the process that has led them to my office has been going on since birth and healing takes time and repetition. Naturally there is an exchange of value for the benefit of increased health. To achieve maximum results from your Chiropractic care I would recommend entering into it with the intention of investing in yourself and in your well-being. I support my patients as much as possible with financial plans and try to make the process of extended benefit submission as easy as possible.

What about the rest of my family?

Helping families is what I do best. My passion is for children and I love helping them develop to their fullest potential with as little exposure to drugs as possible. Since families live within each other’s nervous systems (ever notice that when you are having an “off” day so are your kids?) it is really important that EVERY person in a family has a nervous system that is in growth, not defense. I realize bringing the whole family in can be a stress on time and on money so I work hard to make sure your experience in my office is a positive one. I also offer Family Plans to help offset the cost of getting the whole family adjusted.

More Love Notes
for Dr. Ange Wellman

Dr. Ange was able to continue Chiropractic care with my 4 year old daughter despite the fact that my daughter had a broken leg and was in a full cast. Dr. Ange was very caring and knowledgeable which helped comfort my daughter and myself. Chiropractic care noticeably improved my daughter’s emotional and physical state and I believe it also helped her body’s ability to heal. In fact, these were the words my daughter said when Dr. Ange adjusted her 2 weeks after her fracture, “Dr. Ange is the best! I feel so much better!”

Diane C. (Squamish)

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