I Believe

That we all deserve the “life of our dreams” and that our health & well-being are the foundation on which it is built.

The body is self-healing and that stress messes with our ability to heal.

That health flows from the inside out.

That the voice in our head is either promoting wellness or predicting disease.

That how we speak to our kids really really matters. Our voice becomes their voice (see above).

As parents we lay the foundation for our children’s health and well-being for the rest of their lives.

You can’t give your children what you don’t have yourself.

Heal thyself first.

A Little Bit About Me…


In 2008 the way I practice Chiropractic and understand Well-Being changed in a big way. That was the year I was diagnosed with a lumbar disc herniation, malignant melanoma and was rigorously tested for what thankfully did not turn out to be a brain tumour.

Being woken up rather abruptly to my own mortality I started to consider the effect that stress (and in particular emotional stress) was having on my health. I took a break from Chiropractic to heal my body and to pause the stresses of being an entrepreneur. I started to learn about Mind Body Medicine and a whole new understanding of the Nervous System and the role it plays in regulating health emerged for me. I realized I had to get back to Chiropractic and I had to do it differently.  

I changed my focus from resolving symptoms to improving nervous system function. I learned a new technique and took a gentler approach. I got adjusted more myself and I began to heal. Stress, the nervous system, self-compassion and self-care became my focus and suddenly it was clear that helping others heal their lives from the inside out was my WHY.

A Little More About Me…


The year 2010 was the year I became a Mother.  Kate’s birth was intense. Long, medicated and nothing like I had expected. Exhausted from the physicality of labour, unaccustomed to drugs and unable to rest easily I was wired and it took days for my milk to arrive. Kate, sluggish from the medications she was exposed to and stressed from her birth couldn’t find her groove with feeding and so began our breast feeding journey. I sought support and learned a lot. However, the improper latch, poor milk supply, weight loss, uterine infection and postpartum anxiety led to a heart wrenching decision to stop breast feeding after four months. Those were difficult months for me. When I returned to practice 18 months later I knew I wanted to help other women and their children who were dealing with the effects of a challenging birth. That’s when I began my Pediatric Chiropractic training with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

A Little More About Me…


In 2014 our family was made complete with the birth of Ella.

I was adjusted weekly throughout pregnancy and several times during labour. Ella was born naturally and with her instincts intact she latched immediately. As she continued to nurse happily over the first months of her life I started to unwind tension from my first breast feeding experience that I hadn’t even realized was there.

Despite coming into this world rather flawlessly and being exclusively breastfed Ella has taught me that you can do everything “right” and yet there are “limitations of matter” which is one of the 33 Chiropractic Principles. At one year we discovered Ella is highly allergic. Within days of eliminating wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts and fish Ella’s chronic wheeze/mucous resolved and she began to sleep longer then two hours.

The combination of regular Chiropractic adjustments and an allergen free diet has enabled Ella’s immune system to continue to mature and today she is thriving.

A Little More About Me…


Today I help families adapt to the stresses of modern life through Chiropractic adjustments of the nervous system and supportive self care practices such as mindfulness, nutrition, exercise and essential oils to name a few.

I combine my extensive formal training with the life experience I have gained through my own challenges to help people who acknowledge the stress of modern life and who want to ensure that their unique stressors are not affecting their health before it is too late.

I do my best work with clients who are serious about change and are ready to commit what it takes to create the extraordinary health and well-being that is our birthright and that can come with healing from the inside out.

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